We can use mathematics to describe and synthesize certain entities of our daily lives very well, which actually does not mean more nor less than trying to explain nature (which we can not fully understand) by formal expressions (which some or some less of us do understand). But trying also implies some possible inexactness. Read again to understand the inner conflict.
Nevertheless, on this site you are seeing different pictures of bushes, which might be familiar in one or the other way to you. To make things short, neither the first, nor the second, nor the third one is real. They are all computer-generated.
I am experimenting with such computer graphics quite some time and I would guess that everyone of you readers have seen such “artificial nature” at least once in the last few years, months, or even days. But can you even be sure to distinguish between what is real and what is not?
Obviously those pictures presented on this site are not - and that isn’t just for me having chosen some fancy pop-art colors. They are just too ... well ... what should one say ... symmetric! And that is exactly what makes those things interesting on the the third sight. The third? Well let me explain: On the first sight it looks real. The second says, it is artificial. And the third makes the connection between those two.
If you are feeling interested on that topic now, I would like to encourage you searching the internet for information about Fractals, Iterated Function Systems, and Chaos Theory. Although most of the visualization is 2D, most of the principles presented can be used in real life.
Tuesday, October 20th, 2009