Site is up - well, quite ...
Finally is up and running. Anyways, not much content right now. But you can see a sneak preview of what will come soon by clicking on the navigation bar above.
Did a tour today  with my pretty old bike. During that I tried out my new digicam (Samsung NV8) and the results are better than I had thought they would be for such a cheap camera. Anyways, I am missing my good old days shooting w/my Minolta X-300 on ILFORD 125, but times have changed and things got (surprise!) digital. So let‘s see if a new digital SLR will do that much fun as the analog one did. Before that, I am getting used to it using the Samsung.
By the way, once I have found my scanner I will post some photographies I have shot w/my X-300 some years ago (until it got broken in LasVegas - who didn‘t ;-)
Sunday, February 10th