The World In A Mirror
Whenever there is some spare time, there is something to do ...
This time I was thinking about how to maintain parallel worlds in a story driven computer game. Literature is showing some neat ways, but eventually one could not bypass an all day effect that everybody knows ... A Mirror!
Using mirroring in computer games gives a wide range of expressing something what could be quite difficult to do in standard narrative ways like cut-scenes, etc. My game engine now has that feature, whereas the reflection can be modified in many ways. Take a look above or at the game page to get a first impression.
There you can also see a computer generated tree using fractals which had found its way into my game engine during the last weeks.
Meanwhile I am working on some other projects too which I might present soon. Until then, why not have a look into a mirror and think about what you are really seeing. Staring at a copy to get a glimpse at what we then believe to be our reality ...
Wednesday, October 15th