Selling the Future
Now for something completely different ...
After some feedback to my last few technical articles and very interesting conversations about what projects I am working on, if my 3D-Engine can be licensed, what price it would be and when, I am supporting you with some completely different thoughts and experiences.
Technical stuff is not what keeps me going - though it is a very nice thing to do and anyways, it pays my living. When I am not coding, nor elaborating new ideas, I am reading, talking, and thinking about the things that hit my interest.
Nowadays one couldn’t ignore that almost every interest is focused into one subject that affects our living, or does not. Sure I am talking about the struggles in the financial sector. As much as I have seen and read the last few months, almost everybody who thinks of themselves as being at least one mediocre great mind in economics among those others that do not, has seen this hassle coming long before. Though if that might be the truth, why could it happen anyway?
I am sure there are some great minds out there that can explain that fatal processes which lead to the thing we call present. Most likely conversations will include “The System”, “Human Behavior”, “Machiavelli” and other nice to read buzzwords - but really, aren’t you having the feeling too that this just sounds like marketing for a product we all know, that we are living in and most of us have spent their whole life inside, knowing it for good and do not need to get any more advice?
1) Spread and Collect?
When looking at the evolution of modern forms of capitalism, regardless if it is in the sense of american or european or chinese, we can see that the financial subsystem has become more and more important. In the old times when industrialization has just been started investing money into new products has been a very delicate adventure where both, entrepreneurs and investors, where going hand in hand.
This has changed completely to something I would call: “Spread and Collect” For the rules of probability, if you are giving money to lets say 7 individuals, where every one of them is trying to generate values and therefore multiply your wealth, at least one will do. Regardless if all other 6 will burn your money for good.
2) There is no evil?
Knowing that, one can easily get profits out of the system. It is all about selling the future in sense of predicted growth and success. No matter how abstract your product is, nor how non-innovative - when selling it good by giving your audience the feeling of a bright and wealthy future, you will most likely find someone who will be thankful to invest. You just should not say the truth that you are up for the money alone.
You think that those people would be evil? Well, when coming to own profits almost everybody would act that way. You can’t believe that negative sight? Then welcome, since I too don’t! But it is not easy to keep a clear sight if everything around you is being marketed.
3) Experience fills in the gaps of missing education?
I have met a lot of people in my 32 years on mother earth. People with power, people without. People that are friendly, people that are not. People one can trust, and people one is better off to not give a penny in trust. Funny thing is, they all fit together when it comes to economics.
Anyway if you were expecting that there will be some shining unheard truth at the end of this article, you’ll be better off searching the bigger media or starting an education in economics. And there we are, looking at an open end and thinking, “What was that about?”.
Well it will hit you when you are ready. I promise!
4) There is no truth?
I was listening to a radio-commercial the other day:
“Do you want to be in the marketing or communication industry? But you do not want to spend a lot of money and time for university? You do not have to! Come to ... college and get a diploma in marketing or communication in just 12 months! Even experienced and well known marketing and communication experts say that they prefer someone from ... college, rather than from university, because ...”
<<Well, because of what?>> I was thinking when the truth has hit me right into the innermost of my brain and everything got so clear after listening to the end of the commercial:
“... because most of those experts have taken the same way!!!”
Cheers ;-)
Sunday, December 14th