Never Ever Ending
Announcement ahead ...
The last few weeks an idea has come to life which I will share with you. Imagine a computer game where you can see it’s development from the very beginning. Step by step. Feature by feature. And participate by committing your own wishes.
You might think that this could be a never ending story? Well, I honestly hope it is! And therefore I have started a new project which I have called “nee”, as in “never ever ending”.
So far the plot is simple. Targeting the “Arcade” genre and working (hopefully) in every browser on your computer, the game is quite much inspired by “Rez”, “flow” or “Flower”. Simple story, simple plot, simple interface and simple graphics. It will be linked on this site and constantly updated.
If you wish to participate and to share your own wishes, just let me know by mail at w/subject “nee”. I will be happy to read from you and answer any question as possible.
See you soon ...
Tuesday, February 24th