Focus On That!
I haven’t been writing for quite some time about the developments which were going on concerning my 3D-Engine. Now it is time to show some footage of what has been done during the last months!
Above you can see a screenshot showing some new features. First you might acknowledged that the map is much more complex than what I have been showing before. This is because I have developed a pluggable Q3-Loader for loading and rendering for my engine.
None the less you might also have noticed that there is some blur in the front and the back of the scene above. Well that is some nice feature which I will explain in detail in one of my next posts. Just let me say that this is something really extending the perception of the viewer by simulating an effect we all have “in our eyes” ...
Below you can see another screenshot showing this effect. On the left side without, and on the right side with the blur shown above. Using an Auto-Focus technology which is implemented into my engine as well as dynamic lightmaps, advanced collision detection and free geometric reflections with almost all possible types of input (Q3, HL, etc.)
As I was promising before, things keep getting more and more interesting ...
Tuesday, March 24th