Cyclic Elements
Above you see an impression of Pforzheim. The picture is showing the roof of Pforzheim’s shopping mall called “Schlössle Galerie”. At this roof there is a small and nice park and a Cafe/Bar with a gorgeous view over the city.
I might introduce Pforzheim in one of my next posts. So stay tuned and keep the sun shining ...
Monday, May 4th
About half a year ago I was showing some pictures of the city I am living in - Karlsruhe/Germany. Now that the sun has taken over and the weekends are just great for bicycling, I want to show you some more footage of this beautiful city and its surroundings.
The two pictures above you are seeing are taken in the center of Karlsruhe and on its far west end. On the right side, just in the back of the photographer, there is a nice restaurant serving fine and affordable fish. Sitting on its patio you can also enjoy a fantastic view at the Rhein.
Another interesting place is the port of Karlsruhe, although it is not quite much used anymore. I am wondering if somebody will realize the idea to use the area as a perfect party and recreational area. Sure there has to be done a lot of work but I think it would be worth it ...
Going south we get to the creek called “Alb” which is flowing through Karlsruhe from Hauptbahnhof (Main station) till Rheinhafen (Port). By the way using the roads on either side of the creek one can cycle easily to Ettlingen, which is just another nice little city nearby Karlsruhe.
Although you are in the midst of the city, cycling along the Alb will lets you think that you are experiencing a warm and nice day in the nature far away. Take a look below.
The Alb is the local recreational area and other than the Schlossgarten, which is shown at the top of this page on the left, it is not too crowded even in the summertime.
Furthermore along the Alb you’ll get to the “Günther Klotz Anlage” which is a huge park with a lake in the center, a public swimming bath at its south and a very nice and big beer garden on its north end. It is just the right place to end our short tour through the west of Karlsruhe which has taken approx. 2 hours.