Rules Of Game
Welcome to some new wisdom ...
When thinking about the title about my new blog entry, I eventually remembered the times when I was leading a team to develop a MMOG in one of my last jobs. Although those memories have not been one of my best (to make things short, ending up with the awareness that will is not everything if the goals are not what has been made public by others), some things just worked fine!
One of those was a forward-looking idea of mine, that enriching a Virtual World with small and easy games (soon been called as MiniGames) would be an advantage that might keep users inside the world, even if the Virtual World is missing the usual reasons like adventures, action or just liveliness.
I was giving this task to a very promising young student, Mr. De Ines, which turned out to be the right decision on a besides of that uncertain way due to the volatility of the management. Today, after I have left the company more than a year ago and the game I was talking about has been changing its name and concept twice (as well as the company’s name itself), this idea about scripting games inside a game has become an inner element of the new game concept as well as being something that keeps the players inside the game and the perception of this idea has been proven to be very high.
Although I do not agree with the new and contrary concept of the game itself (just to say after some stranded tries of what has been left: “sex sells”), I would like to show my respect about the work at least on this part of the game!
Scripting in games is not that new but nevertheless has become more and more important, and since most of the game-concepts are made by non-technical experienced people (as a simple example, which are getting confused about the meaning of “2 to the power of” and “divisible by 2” in OpenGL environments), engine developers need to give the possibility to control the game in a simple but powerful way for those people. Which by using scripting along many other tools is giving much freedom with little effort.
Sure I have built that into my own engine too and it works just fine. Controlling object behavior, processing complex (chain-)reactions and just giving the possibility to let the player CHANGE THE RULES OF GAME inside the game itself in a limited or even completely free way is an astonishing toolbox for every game-designer!
So one can truly say: Things get most interesting when giving the people the freedom to flower out ...
Sunday, May 31st